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Awakening in a world entirely unlike your own, you find yourself caught up in a fantastic tale of magic and swordcraft.

Are you only dreaming?

Will you find your way home?

Which side are you on?

Which path will you choose?


With several major plot twists occurring throughout, the progression of the 25+ hour story, what at first seems like a straightforward good vs. evil quest unfolds into something much more unique. You will have to play the game to discover its surprising ending! 



This game hearkens back to the 16 bit era visually and story/plot-wise, giving the player a sense of nostalgia for the long-lost games of old.

The music, however, is very much of today, with a completely original indierock style soundtrack written and recorded by the band the cecils specially for this game.


What are people saying about this game?

"I literally laugh.gif [...] Two thumbs up. [...] I finished the game. What a satisfying ending! I think the final cutscene was my favorite part. Thank YOU for your game [...] I AM having fun! biggrin.gif" Clovemagic

"good game." wolf912

"Pretty amazing game so far from what I've played. Very addicting." Rampizzle

"Sweet game, even though i've only just begun. [...] The music was great, and so was that introductory cutscene." Obrusnine

"I really enjoyed the music, it's epic and peaceful at places and was nice to listen to. Battle music was quite good. [The story is] really good. I've never played n RPG where your from another world trapped in another body, so this was fresh for me." CobraMan228

"I'm loving the game so far though, I must say i am very impressed." Tsetsu 

 "Great game!!! laugh.gif" XhaXha923

"You have some good humour in the game. [...] Most outdoor maps are really fun to explore! I really enjoy the plot and characters." Mudducky

"I've been playing this for awhile and wow, it's great! I love it." NeoSky 

"I really liked the game! it had an amazing storyline!!!" Dawningstar 

"Yo, playing your game, so far, pretty enjoyable. I dig the music, especially the overworld theme. There's a great sense of nostalgia." Sunshinesan

 "I absolutely LOVED and rofl'd at the Rydia reference in Valarez Village. [...] the music in the game is AWESOME!" UltraZeldaFan

"I really like the game [...] It is a really good game." Patti

"The game is great [...] You've done a great job, thanks a lot." wildwind 

"That's a very enjoyable game, I have to say smile.gif [...] The game is excellent [...] I'd also like to comment about how AWESOME the scene was when when Tyrin talked to the guardian and learned all Drake's breath spells (although not completely all of them). It was really touching :')" NeoMarmar 

"Clean, neatly-written dialogue. Creative opening scene." Drunken Paladin


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